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the important thing is to not stop questioning Albert Einstein

John O’Melveny Woods
Editor, Unexplained Archeology

About this community:

The community are those people who believe that there is more to our history than what we have been told. This is composed of people of all ages and nationalities. But all have one thing in common. They believe that history, as we know it, is wrong.

About the editor:

John O’Melveny Woods early in his career founded a number of companies including USA Print (a print brokering company, and TFM corp (an aviation company).

Since attending USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in the early 1990’s, John has written a number of screenplays and television scripts, as well as founded indieTV.com and iRequest.com.

He also has written a sequel to the original Treasure Island called Return to Treasure Island, and was the recipient of many local and national awards including book of the year by the iPBA. He wrote Jesse James Secret, which was the basis for the History Channels highly successful special Jesse James Hidden Treasure. His latest book is The Seekers - The Lost Tomb of Alexander, the first in a series of ten book that explores ancient and unexplained archeology in a fictional action adventure novel.

John’s is love of Archeology -- and especially Unexplained Archeology -- has followed him throughout his life. This passion has allowed him to meet and follow many leaders in the field including Michael Cremo, Graham Hancock, Zecharia Sitchin, John Anthony West and others at the cutting edge of the subject.

A voracious researcher and reader, he brings to light many obscure and interesting stories that help shed light on the true origins of our history.