Gifted Composer: Benedikt Brydern Produces Album for Newly Released Novel: The Seekers
John O'Melveny Woods | Aug 25, 2014
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How do you turn an action/adventure book like The Seekers - Lost Tomb of Alexander into a CD album with eleven songs? It helps to have a talented and gifted composer, a clear vision of what the book is about, and a little luck.

In this case, I was fortunate early in my career to meet Benedikt Brydern (http://www.consordino.com/wp/), who attended USC’s School of Music on a Fulbright scholarship.

Since then, he has scored numerous movies and won many awards. Over the years, we have collaborated on a number of projects and become friends. When I first approached him about the Seekers, we were considering the project for a television show. He wrote and composed the Seekers theme, and it was spot on in tone and feeling. The television series never got made (another story).

Years later, when I had finished the first book in an anticipated ten book series, I suggested to Benedikt that we should create a CD album based on the book. He jumped right in. Reading the book and the synopses from future books, he mapped out the different scores and countries that he would be recreating with the soundtrack.

And here is the lucky part. Benedikt had been touring with Yanni the previous couple of years, and learned much more about the ‘mystical’ side of what the Seekers was all about. With this experience, and his innate talent for capturing the moods of the various scenes, he composed and scored eleven songs that, while all different, still contain the main theme of the original score.

They convey the sounds of Unexplained Archeology, the main premise of the books, from around the world - the jungles of Peru, the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, to the mysterious caves of China. Musically. Seamlessly. Hauntingly.

The Seekers CD is a wonderful adjunct to the Book, and may be listened to on its own as well. As a special bonus to everyone who buys the book, the main theme of The Seekers is being offered free of charge. The purchasers simply go to the site, click on ‘Free Music Offer’, enter the secret code from the book, and can then download the song and, if they want, a ring tone for their phone.

The album and individual tracks can be purchased through the Seekers web site (http://theseekers.com/) or CD Baby, and can be listened to as well for free on the web site.

Was it difficult to create the right sound for the book? Yes it was. Was it worth it? Definitely.

But having a gifted composer, a clear vision of the outcome and a little luck made the process enjoyable and rewarding. And, I believe, this CD gives the readers an added experience most books are unable to offer - a unique sound track to what they are reading.

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