Waterfront Digital Press announces the release of the first official trailer for The Seekers novel.
John O'Melveny Woods | Aug 8, 2014
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Waterfront Digital Press and author John O’Melveny Woods announce the release of the first trailer for Woods’ new action-adventure novel called The Seekers – Lost Tomb of Alexander. It is available at the book’s website www.TheSeekers.com.

This debut historical fiction series explores the relationship between many of the world’s greatest archeological monuments and their hidden messages left by our ancestors.

The Seekers team includes Diandra Weiss, a PhD archeologist; Dutch Voorhees, her not so ex-husband; Sam, the tech guru; and the ‘kid.’ Together, they study ancient records and search various archeological sites containing clues that lea them toward a greater truth – a cosmology left by our ancestors and warnings designed to help us avert a worldwide cataclysm of an unknown origin.

The Guardians, a secret organization rooted deeply within the Vatican, is determined to stop them from uncovering these messages.

“This project, which I have been working on for fifteen years, promises to explore and answer many mysteries and to ultimately reveal exoteric knowledge previously hidden for thousands of years,” says Woods. “But most importantly, it was written to entertain and inspire – two goals that are of paramount importance to me as both a writer and reader.”

The trailer was produced by James Storm of JS Productions in San Diego, California.

About The Author

John O’Melveny Woods has written two previous novels: Return to Treasure Island, an award winning sequel to the original Treasure Island book written by Robert Louis Stevenson (www.TreasureIslandBook.com), and Jesse James Secret, which was made into a successful television show on The History Channel (www.JesseJamesSecret.com).

About Waterfront Digital Press

Waterfront Digital Press was founded by William Gladstone of Waterside Productions (www.Waterside.com) to fill a growing need for authors to release their work directly to the general public through a digital platform. Waterfront has established a special relationship with Amazon to offer a full service, turn-key solution for digital publishing.

The Seekers - Lost Tomb of Alexander has been released. The FREE bonus book is available now at the website www.TheSeekers.com.

For further information or to schedule a story or an interview, please contact the publisher or author via the author’s agency at:

Johanna Maaghul johanna@waterside.com 415-328-5303

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The Seekers was inspired by the World's Archaeological Wonders.
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Ancient prophecies tell the tale of a special band of souls whose destiny is to uncover the truth of humanity’s creation, existence and future. Known as The Seekers, they discover that our ancestors left messages for us - hidden throughout the world in ancient monuments, secret vaults and tombs - that when put together offer hope to everyone... hope that all is not soon to be lost. For the prophecies also foretell a recurring cataclysmic event, worldwide in nature, that will soon arrive.

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